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About us

We are happy to welcome you at our web-page of Alushta dolphinarium NEMO!

Our «actors»: bottlenose dolphins Veterok, Eva, Princess and Luk, as well as seals Gabby and Karla— will open doors for you to the wonderful world of nature, beauty and grace.


This underwater world is so huge (as the amount of water on the Earth is twice more than land), and at the same time – it is so fragile, dependent on us – humans, that we all need to learn more about each other and help each other.


Our clever sea animals, in gratitude for the care and support of our trainers and all other specialists of our dolphinarium, with a pleasure demonstrate all their talents to Crimean’s and guest of the Crimea peninsula. Spectacular performance of dolphins delights our souls and gives love in a romantic and beautiful program «Touch the dream».


What could be better to get a rest from your daily business to fill out with positive energy for many-many days; to get to basics in oasis of nature harmony; to relax with your loved ones, during watching our amazing friends from the planet Ocean?

About us:


Alushta dolphinarium is a part of International network of Entertaining and Treatment complex «Nemo». Among our main tasks there are — spreading knowledge about the life and knowledge about marine inhabitants as well as promotion of environmental ideas. Creation of this complex is one of the measures of protection and conservation of endangered and declining populations of marine mammals.


Also special sessions of dolphin-assisted therapy are taking place in dolphinarium. This way of treatment is one of the most popular among animal-assisted therapy. It is very effective method of drug-free recovery and children rehabilitation with functional disorders.

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