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Show with dolphins

Show with dolphins, sea cats and sea lion


What could be better than to touch the true nature of the world ocean. All this is waiting for you at the show of dolphins and seals in Alushta dolphinarium «Nemo».


You have a chance every day to see and to hear unique performances of beloved bottlenose dolphins with the most sincere smile, who are (by their nature) the most close to the humans as none of the other wildlife.


Unforgettable performances of our adorable dolphins are waiting for you — Veterok, Eva, Princess, Takko and Luke, who love to play, dance, sing and jump very high. All of them passed the education in training school «Nemo». Their uniqueness is that two of these dolphins were born in Odessa dolphinarium. Now they are almost 2 years old. Despite their young age, these dolphins have very strong performance program. We are sure that their performances will be fascinating and worthy of a storm of applause.


Also you will have the chance to watch funny and graceful sea cats — Margo and Businka. They will wag with their tales, will clap with their «palms», will play with a ball, hoops and will present you with their amazing smile.


Come to us! Touch the dream!

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